Welcome to the website for the class action lawsuit known as Cook v. Santee Cooper, et al.

Note to Class Members Utilizing Mobile Deposit: We have been contacted by a very small number of Class Members who utilized mobile deposit to deposit their settlement check and had the check returned unpaid, sometimes with a non-sufficient funds (“NSF”) designation. This is not related to any issue with the settlement checks. There are sufficient funds in the Settlement account to pay all issued checks. This issue is caused by an illegible or cut off check image submitted via the mobile deposit process. If your bank returned a settlement check as unpaid and charged you an NSF fee or for more information, click here to see answers to frequently asked questions.

Santee Cooper residential, commercial, industrial, and other customers, both direct and indirect, who paid utility bills that included rates calculated, in part, to pay pre-construction, capital, in-service, construction, interest, and other pre-operational costs associated with the V.C. Summer Nuclear Reactor Unit 2 and 3 Project from January 1, 2007 through January 31, 2020 may be eligible for a payment from a class action settlement.

A settlement was reached in 2020 with South Carolina Public Service Authority (“Santee Cooper”) and its officers and directors; Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc., f/k/a South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (“SCE&G”); Dominion Energy Southeast Services, Inc., f/k/a SCANA Services, Inc. (“SCANA Services”); SCANA Corporation (“SCANA”) and its officers and directors; Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (“Central”), and Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc. (“Palmetto”) (collectively, “Defendants”) in a lawsuit concerning the construction of two nuclear units at the V.C. Summer site in Jenkinsville, South Carolina (the “Project”) for which Santee Cooper and South Carolina electric cooperative customers paid costs through their electric bills. The lawsuit was filed after Santee Cooper and SCE&G stopped construction of the Project. Plaintiffs alleged, among other things, that Defendants breached various duties in the construction of the Project and improperly charged Plaintiffs advanced financing costs. Defendants denied the allegations in the lawsuit but have agreed to settle.

As part of the Settlement, Settlement Class Members who did not timely exclude themselves from the Class are eligible to and will receive payment or bill credit from the Common Benefit Fund.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING AT THIS TIME. This website advises you of your rights with respect to the Settlement, including your right to receive an automatic payment or bill credit, so please read this website carefully.